Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga -  Siena, Tuscany, Italy
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L'Amorosa in Winter

The sweet smell of wood burning in the fireplace welcomes you, thick medieval walls shelter you as you sip a warming glass of wine. In the land surrounding the Locanda dell'Amorosa each season is defined by the colours of the landscape and by the scents in the air, one hundred times you may come, one hundred times you may want to return, but each and every time you will discover a new enchanting aspect of this land.

As the days shorten, tea time easily merges in to aperitif time, and the flavours of Tuscan cuisine become stronger and more intense: the fresh olive oil, pasta dishes with white truffle or with venison, highly prized meats, seasoned cheeses and, to top it all, wickedly delicious chocolate desserts.

The full bodied wines of Tuscany aid meditation, warm the heart, and encourage optimism. People are suddenly more willing to converse and savour the pleasure of time that moves slowly. The hunt for that perfect and original gift starts, and maybe, open-eyed, you will find your self dreaming of acquiring your own isolated house in this magnificent countryside... the one with the lonely old cypress, protected by the centuries old oak.

As in summer, when you may find shelter from the heat and the sun's glare in a centuries old cool church, in winter you will enjoy the warmth of one of the area’s marvellous museums, discovering the pleasure and the emotion of a hall full of art and void of people. In the countryside that seems dormant, the work continues: the olive harvest, the pruning of the vines, the ploughing of the fields, the sowing of the grain and it's rapid rise that greens the fields almost as if to reassure that spring and summer will soon come.

This and much more is why at the Amorosa “facile è arrivare difficile partire” (arriving is easy, departing is so hard).

Osteria dell'Aglione

Osteria dell'Aglione Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa Tuscany

Welcome to the wine bar Take a glass of wine, a chunk of pecorino cheese, a slither of salame and a slice of Tuscan bread, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and... enjoy.


Itineraries Locanda dell'Amorosa Sinalunga -  Siena

Experience the charm of Tuscany Itineraries designed to introduce you to the Tuscany surrounding Amorosa: a bite size guide to the area's towns, monuments, museums and... shops!


Surroundings Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga

Around and about the Amorosa Medieval villages, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, works of art: discover the Tuscany surrounding Amorosa.