Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga -  Siena, Tuscany, Italy
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Vineyard and Cellar

The Amorosa Estate is one of the oldest in the Chiana Valley. The period between 1873 and 1967 was an era of sharecropping and, with its 16 farms, the estate was one of the most important farming communities of the time. Then followed the transition to direct management. Thanks to the devoted work of the many generations of farmers, workers and farm managers who cared for this land, the Estate is still owned today by the same family; a family which knows how to conserve and develop the farming estate, and keep it in its natural place in the Tuscan landscape.

Since 2001, the Amorosa Farm has operated an organic regime (code IT ICA B1453). The vineyards are situated at the feet of the high Sienese Chiana Valley in a unified parcel around the Borgo of L'Amorosa and are positioned on a slight slope with exposure to south/south-east.

The alluvial soil of Pliocene origin, has the ideal composition and structure for the production of high quality wines. The balance between calcium, lime and clay in the soil gives excellent drainage which, at the same time, allows a natural retention of humidity, protecting the vine from drought and so enabling it to maintain a constant vegetative evolution. The old vineyards planted in the years 1969/70 have been completely uprooted and substituted by planting with an increased density of 5300 plants per hectare. The clones have been carefully selected to benefit from the characteristics of each individual plot.

The varieties now grown are: Sangiovese, covering about 80% of the vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon about 10% , Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 7% and Colorino covering 3%. In the cellars up to date technology ensures the best results from the wine making process, and maximises the quality of the raw material.

The fermentation is always done in a precise, temperature controlled atmosphere in order to obtain the best aromatic qualities of the wines. The Borgo Amorosa 2004, currently bottled, is the last vintage made from the old vineyards before they were uprooted.


Osteria dell'Aglione

Osteria dell'Aglione Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa Tuscany

Welcome to the wine bar Take a glass of wine, a chunk of pecorino cheese, a slither of salame and a slice of Tuscan bread, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and... enjoy.


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Experience the charm of Tuscany Itineraries designed to introduce you to the Tuscany surrounding Amorosa: a bite size guide to the area's towns, monuments, museums and... shops!


Surroundings Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga

Around and about the Amorosa Medieval villages, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, works of art: discover the Tuscany surrounding Amorosa.