Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga -  Siena, Tuscany, Italy
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L'Amorosa in Summer

In summer, the air is filled with the fragrances of plants which seem to want to ensure their presence is felt by diffusing their delicate perfumes over the Locanda and its gardens. Thus, those walking through the grounds of Amorosa are enveloped by the exquisite scents of lime tree blossom, wisteria, and rosemary.

The yellowing fields of grain and the sunflowers that follow the sun so as to signal the passing of the day, announce the arrival of summer. The smell of freshly cut grass, the morning dew, the scent of the roses all foreshadow, like a tender caress, days full of sweet and lasting emotions.

Of all the places from where to admire the Tuscan sunsets, it is hard to say which is the most romantic: the square where the walls are tinged with hues of red and yellow, the poolside where the sun tenderly embraces the hills and valleys, or under the lime trees, where to admire the vision of the distant town of Cortona, the windows of its palazzi glimmering in the setting sun.

During the day inquisitive squirrels climb the nearby trees and hares run thought the vineyards. At night the concert of the cicadas and crickets serenades those strolling beneath the stars.

To fully enjoy the Amorosa abandon yourself in it’s embrace, to a time signalled by an ancient clock which, when night comes, falls silent until late morning, so as not to disturb the poetry of a star lit night or the sweet sounds of the morning chorus.

Osteria dell'Aglione

Osteria dell'Aglione Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa Tuscany

Welcome to the wine bar Take a glass of wine, a chunk of pecorino cheese, a slither of salame and a slice of Tuscan bread, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and... enjoy.


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