L'Amorosa in the 20th Century

Locanda dell'Amorosa - Sinalunga - Siena - Tuscany - Italy

On October 14 1932 the Estate of L'Amorosa was visited by the Undersecretary of State Arturo Marescalchi, as a stop on his official visit of the Sienese Valdichiana during which he visited also Sinalunga, La Fratta, and Bettolle. The report on the visit was published in a book, with out a date, by the title His Excellency Arturo Marescalchi amongst the rural population of the Chianti and the Val di Chiana; edited by the department of Agriculture of the University of Siena.
Following are the extracts pertaining to L'Amorosa:

«The visit to the Amorosa Estate.
At the entrance [Arturo Marescalchi] is greeted by the owner the Marquise Pier Franco Citterio, by the Technical Director Emilio Gherardi and other personalities of the area.
The purpose of this visit is to inaugurate a rural Aqueduct that will bring potable water to the Estates centre and to the 15 Sharecroppers farms on the Estate.
The Undersecretary entering the vast square in front of the Estate offices is encircled by the farmers who salute him and acclaim the Duce.
After the benediction of the Aqueduct, His Excellency Marescalchi pushing a button starts an improvised gushing fountain in the centre of the courtyard.
His Excellency gathers around him the many sharecroppers of the Estate and speaks to them of the importance of the rural Aqueduct, symbol of civilization and prosperity for the farmers of the countryside. He then makes a brilliant parallel between water and wine from which the Nation garners relevant economic advantages.
After exalting the passionate work of the Marquise Citterio, who directs with loving care the work of his Sharecroppers, His Excellency knowing that the house of the Marquise will soon be gladdened by a birth, toasts the unborn heir, wishing him to see the lands so skilfully directed and guarded by his father and lovingly tended by the good farmers even richer and more fertile.
The speech, inspired an extremely brilliant of the Undersecretary is saluted by a warm ovation.
Amongst the general admiration a carousel of beautiful farm girls parades in their typical Sienese costumes each bringing an offering of produce of the land. The likable and genial presentation is enthusiastically applauded by all present. His Excellency Marescalchi leaves the farm centre to go to visit a magnificent orchard that is on the Estate, an almost unique example of industrial fruit farming in the province of Siena.
After complimenting the owner and the agent Gherardi, His Excellency gets back into his car to proceeded and visit Bettolle [...]».

With the phenomenon of the abandonment and depopulation of the country side during the years 1950-1960 , also for the small village of Amorosa started the inevitable process of decay. In the recent years the brilliant intuition of adding to the agricultural activities the tourism business has allowed to preserve and restore a place so rich in culture, memories and visible signs of the past ages. An example of how the artistic patrimony of a territory can be safeguarded and exalted vpreserving it's peculiar characteristic, making it live a new life and allowing its visitor to experience its long history.

(Ariano Guastaldi) From: Quaderni Sinalunghesi Anno IX n. 3 Dicembre 1998.