Cartography in the 16th Century

Locanda dell'Amorosa - Sinalunga - Siena - Tuscany - Italy

We can find the Amorosa in Abramo Ortelio's “Thusciae Descriptio autore Hieronimo Bellarmato”, printed in Antwerp in 1573 and included in the “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”. The “Thusciae Descriptio” is a reduction of the famous “Chorographia Tusciae” which can basically be considered the first modern map of Tuscany. This map was drawn by Girolamo Bellarmato in 1536 and then reproduced, in a simpler design, by Ortelio.

It is reasonable to assume that the Amorosa must have had a certain importance for it to be marked on such an extensive map. We can find the Amorosa on other maps of this period: a map dated 1570 circa drawn by Claudio Duchetti of which Ortelio made a monochrome engraving for the Tabulae Geographicae, Gerardo Mercatore's Thuscia dated 1584 and other more recent ones.