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Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa

Once upon a time, in the distant 1300s, there was a tiny little hamlet called Amorosa... today, the ancient stables have been converted in charming restaurant, the old cellars filled with an excellent selection of wines and, in the villa, romantic bedrooms and luxurious suites created.

L'Amorosa in Summer

L'Amorosa in Summer Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa

Awaken your senses Golden fields of ripening wheat, deer scampering between the grapevines, the sound of crickets buzzing in the evening air: the sweet Tuscan summer...

L'Amorosa in Winter

L'Amorosa in Winter Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa

Feel the warmth Relax in front of the open fire, a glass of good wine in hand whilst, outside, the mist begins to fall: experience the warmth of winter at Amorosa.



Restaurant Locanda dell'Amorosa

Savor the flavor of Tuscany Delicious cuisine inspired by the region's age old gatsronomic traditions and prepared using only the finest of local and home-grown ingredients.


History Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa Tuscany, Italy

Amorosa past and present From the Middle Ages to the Reniassance to the present day, many centuries have passed since the walls of Locanda dell'Amorosa were built.



Pool Locanda dell'Amorosa - Boutique Hotel in Sinalunga

Relax in the Tuscan countryside Framed by pretty woods and green grapevines, the pool is the perfect place in which to relax and admire the scenery, cultivating the fine art of doing nothing!


Itineraries Locanda dell'Amorosa Sinalunga -  Siena

Experience the charm of Tuscany Itineraries designed to introduce you to the Tuscany surrounding Amorosa: a bite size guide to the area's towns, monuments, museums and... shops!


Osteria dell'Aglione

Osteria dell'Aglione Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa Tuscany

Welcome to the wine bar Take a glass of wine, a chunk of pecorino cheese, a slither of salame and a slice of Tuscan bread, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and... enjoy.

Vineyard & cellar

Vineyard & cellar Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa

Our passion, your pleasure Don't forget, Amorosa is first and foremost an ancient farm: take a stroll through the vineyard, visit the medieval cellars and make a toast to Tuscany!